Tuesday, January 1, 2008

ScrapJazz New Year's Eve Cyber Crop

I participated in a Cyber Crop over on ScrapJazz yesterday. I was able to complete all 6 challenges. The first one was issued at 10 AM, the final one at 8PM and all had to be submitted by 3AM (midnight in PST). I was able to get them all done though I'm a little bleary eyed today. Here are my LOs.

10 AM Challenge -- We were given a LO (layout) to scraplift (aka copy and make our own slight changes -- for instance, the original used a portait 5 x 7, I turned the LO and used a landscape 5 x 7). The colors are a little washed out -- they're pretty cream, green & pinks. This is my favorite LO of the day.

There's a hidden journaling tag on the left of the pic (where the "K" is) that says, Oh the difference 15 years makes. Small pic 4-20-92 Focal Pic 8-07 Our adorable toddler is now a lovely young lady.

Noon Challenge -- we were given a choice of two LO as examples and were told our focus was to be: Journaling Strips, Circles, and a 2-PAGE LAYOUT that has something that "flows from one page to the other. I did my own design rather than scraplift one of the examples.

The journaling strips on this one say: Kendra has been sick for much of 2007. Her birthday was no exception. Since she was feeling so lousy, we celebrated her birthday quietly with just the three of us. While she did "fix up" a little, she felt like she looked horrible, so that's why there are no pictures of her looking at the camera. She had gallbladder surgery about 2 weeks later. At her request, we had the family favorite, Oreo Ice Cream Dessert, in stead of a cake. Dad says, "It's not my birthday, why are you taking my picture?"

2PM Challenge -- We were to scraplift one of two given LOs. The one I chose required the use of an adjective as the title. Since I know I'll eventually do at least one more LO with other pics from this wedding, I didn't do any journaling on it. VERY unusual for me. :) In real life, the background paper is a deep rose-red.

4 PM Challenge -- We were to make our own embellishment "sticker" that had a word and definition. I actually did two and used a word & definition on each page of the following LO. It's also for a circle journal about music. I was to tell what part music plays in my life and what my favorite Praise & Worship music (if any) is.

The journaling says: Music has always been a big part of my life. I began taking piano lessons when I was four years old. My piano teacher moved a year later so I had a two year hiatus until I began taking lessons again when I was seven. Except for one year, I took piano lessons until I was seventeen. When I was in the 8th grade, I began taking voice lessons as well. I continued with them thru high school and my two years at college. I had the soprano leads in two high school musicals, sang for several area social clubs, in audition choirs at school, in the church choir and for special music at church. Since Tim & I have been married, I’ve continued my singing in the church music program. Three years ago I was diagnosed with asthma and could no longer sing in the choir. For almost a year, I could hardly sing at all. I still don’t sing in the choir but am able to sing solos, duets with Tim and in our trio with another lady in the church.

I prefer more traditional music and am not overly fond of music with a contemporary sound. However, there are several songs that I really like the words and would enjoy them a lot more without all the drums and such in the background! :) These songs are “In Christ Alone,” I Can Only Imagine,” and “I’ll Praise You in the Storm.” I enjoy songs that call my attention to worshiping Christ. My current favorite is one we sing each Sunday morning at the beginning of the church service. The words are: Jesus, be Jesus in me No longer me, but Thee Resurrection power Fill me this hour Jesus, be Jesus in me. Praise - the offering of grateful homage in words or song, as an act of worship Worship - reverent honor and homage paid to God.

6 PM Challenge -- We were given a digital LO to scraplift. I chose to do one of Tim's cat Prissy. We had to have Prissy put to sleep this past April. This is one of our favorite pictures of her.

8PM Challenge -- For the final challenge of the day, we were given a LO with a lot of handstitching on it to scraplift. I did all my stitching with a pen instead of needle & thread. I've been wanting to scrap these pics for awhile. They're from 1994 and are when Ian, Kendra, Jeremy, Trevor, Dad & I went to the beach at Ocean City, NJ.

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