Monday, April 7, 2008

Why I've been MIA

For those of you who are not family members, you may be wondering why I've been on such a long hiatus from scrapping. That's certainly not normal for me! Well, Feb. & March were challenging months for us. Here's a timeline of some of the major events.

Fri., 2/8 We moved my Dad from one assisted living facility to another. About an hour after we left, Dad got up to get ready for dinner and fell. He landed on his wooden magazine rack breaking 2 ribs and lacerating his liver. He was life-flighted to Columbus.

Sat., 2/9 - Fri., 2/15 I spent the week in Columbus with Dad while he was in ICU.

Fri., 2/15, 6:45 pm While surrounded by his six children and 2 sons-in-law, Dad was ushered into the presence of the Lord he loved and served for so many years and was reunited with the wife he dearly loved.

Mon., 2/18 We had Dad's viewing & funeral here at our church. All of our family was here for the funeral except my oldest niece's husband. Dad & Mom would have loved seeing all 6 of their children, 13 grandchildren, 5 great-grandchildren and assorted spouses & one fiancee gathered together.

Tues., 2/19 We traveled to PA to have Dad's graveside service. After the service, we went to a cousin's house for dinner and then traveled all the way home.

Wed., 2/20 - Sun., 2/24 We had our annual Missions Conference at church. On Friday (2/22) one of the missionary men graciously went with us to pack up Dad's apartment. On Sat., the same man and several other men of the church moved all of Dad's belongings back here for storage.

Tues., 2/26 I had an appt. with my surgeon to schedule surgery on my left elbow. We've been doctoring this elbow for 2 years to put off surgery as long as possible. My time has run out and surgery is my only option. They put me on a cancellation list so that I could have the surgery ASAP. When we got home from work, there was a message on the machine that they'd had a cancellation for Thurs.

Thurs., 2/28 Surgery on my left elbow. I'd torn the tendon that runs between the elbow & wrist and had a bone spur on the elbow. The doctor said the damage was "significant."

Since 2/28, I've been recovering. I was in a splint for 2 weeks and a sling for 4 additional weeks. Then I'll have 6 weeks of physical therapy. Fun, fun! NOT!!

Fri & Sat 4/4 - 4/5, we had our annual Ladies' Spectacular. Since I'm the pastor's wife, I am the coordinator for the meeting. We've been working a lot the past couple weeks finalizing plans and putting the program booklets together.

Monday 4/7, Tim and I are going on a much-need and greatly-anticipated two night get-away. I can't wait. I have a doctor's appt. on Thurs. and I'll hopefully get my sling off then. I have a bit of infection in the incision. I hope that doesn't slow recovery down too much. I am hoping to be able to scrap this coming weekend after the sling comes off. We'll have to wait & see though.

So....that's why I've been on a creative hiatus. I truly miss scrapping but it is a difficult hobby to do one-handed.


April said...

Hugs to you Steph. You have been through so much this year so far, you are one strong woman. Take care of yourself, that is the #1 right now and always. Crafting will come when it's ready, just not now. I do miss seeing you around though, but glad that you are taking time for yourself.

Vanya Jones said...

You have certainly been through some trials these past several weeks! I know the passing of your dad must have been very hard, but I just wanted to tell you that it has been a blessing to see you display the strength and comfort you have received from the Lord! Hope you arm continues a speedy and successful recovery!!

Sonseeker said...

Hi Stephanie, I hope you and your dh have a great get away and some much needed R&R. Thank you for sharing your personal journey. The loss of your dad and another friend's dad has sure had an impact on my life. In the last few years the relationship with my dad has been very rocky. We are slowly mending and last Sunday I gave him a surprise birthday party. It felt so great to bless him in this way. I don't want any regrets and continue to remind myself how precious the time is we have with loved ones.

Stephanie said...

Thanks ladies for your support. The Lord truly is good. And Sonseeker, my dh tells people all the time, do what you need to do now so that when the person is gone you won't have any regrets.


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