Thursday, November 26, 2009

Faith Journal Challenge

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American friends. In thinking about my blessings, I thought it only appropriate to share the following challenge.

Patter has just started having a Faith Journal Challenge over on her blog, Triple the Scraps. You can read all about the challenge here. The whole idea behind the challenge is to leave a legacy of faith for those who come behind us. Ever since my mom passed away 16 yrs. ago, I've realized how precious things written by her have become. Many times, I would have loved to know what she thought, believed, felt, etc. about various subjects. As a new grandma :), I want to make sure that those who come behind me know what I believe.

This challenge is great for even non-scrappers because, as Patter says, the whole purpose of the challenge is not "about writing, not creating."

Patter posts a new question each week. In our journal we're to write the question at the top of the page and then answer it using as much space as we'd like. She only posts one question per week so that it doesn't get overwhelming. The first week's challenge was posted here last Thurs. It's not too late to join. Why not leave a legacy of your faith for your children & grandchildren to treasure?

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