Sunday, October 21, 2007

Words of Comfort Card Deck

I made a deck of "comfort verses" for a friend that is going thru a really rough time right now. These are the Scriptures I go to when I need the Lord's comfort. I also included the words to a song that I find myself singing whenever those tough times come. I'm hoping she will find comfort & encouragement in these cards too.

I altered some cards from a kids' deck of "Go Fish" cards to make my deck/mini-album. Some of the cards are blank on the back -- though they are covered with the patterned paper. This mini-album or deck does have a back cover. But since it's just covered with patterned paper and no ribbons or embellishments, I didn't include pics. I used a note-book ring to bind them together and tied ribbons on the ring to hide it & decorate it.

This is my theme song during the storms of life. The chorus has been my prayer on many occasions when I just didn't know what or how to pray.


Anonymous said...

teI love this project!! It is a great idea!!

Patter Cross said...

I just love this!!!!! Just perfect!


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