Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Pics


I hope each of you have had a wonderful Christmas. We had a good day. First we opened presents at our house, then we went to my Dad's and opened presents with him, and then he went with us to my in-law's for dinner, more presents, and visitng thru the early evening.

Here are a few pics from Christmas Eve & Christmas Day.

Christmas Eve

My personal tradition: an "after everyone is in bed and Santa has arrived" picture of the Christmas tree. As you can see in the pic, Sasha & Sam were "helping" me.

Christmas Day

Kendra's cat, Sam is surrounded by the cats' new toys and can't decide what to play with first.

What would Christmas morning be without those "oh so glamourously dressed" opening presents photos???

This green chair was the #1 item on Kendra's wish list.

Below: Tim is opening an Optimus Prime (Transformer) from a family in the church. He's also looking thru an exploding box I made him of pics of his cat Prissy. Prissy died last April.

Ian's mission of the morning was to hit Kendra's cat Sam with a ball of tissue paper. He finally succeeded.

Ian's cat, Tigger, enjoying Kendra's new chair.

At my in-law's house:

Dad opening a present -- Tim's dad is seen teasing Kendra in the background. Ian enjoys watching someone else tease her.

Kendra with the first item for her hope chest (no she doesn't have the actual cedar chest yet).

I wanted a picture of the 4 of us taken today. This turned out to be much tougher than I thought. Our camera is good at taking blurry shots so those that had all 4 of us looking at the camera were blurry and the rest....well, you'll see..... :)


Lisa Carroll said...

Your pictures are great. Looks like you had a fun holiday. I love the group shots, even if they aren't perfect.

Anonymous said...

Sweet pics. Kendra looks great in glasses.


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