Friday, February 26, 2010

Some new Digi designs

Lately, I've been doing some design work for the website at Bible Truth Music (aka BTM). My husband works for BTM during the week and is an evangelist & we travel representing BTM on weekends. My husband is responsible for designing two weekly promotional emails & BTM has recently launched their new & improved website and I've been able to design some of their promotional graphics. I don't design the covers of the CDs/Books but I design the promotional materials that include those graphics. I try to challenge myself to do some new technique on each item. I am having so much fun and it helps my husband with his work on the website too. :)

Here are a couple of my favorite recent items (in case you're interested, clicking the pics will take you to the appropriate page on the BTM website):

This one was in the weekly promotional email (our daughter calls my husband the "Spam King" because the mailing list is over 12,000 emails - LOL) and is on the website:

This is only on the website.

This one, I originally designed as a promotional postcard that will be sent out to LOTS of people. :) It is also being used on the website.

And here is my new all-time favorite. For this one, I designed the digi paper behind the CD cover from scratch. I was so excited -- OK maybe I'm a bit of a dork but I've never designed my own digi paper before. What you can't see in the pic is that the speckles are tiny leaves. So many of the music items seem to have more masculine colors or the bright primary colors for the children. It was fun to design with a more feminine theme.

I hope this didn't sound too much like a commercial. I'm just enjoying my digi-designing and wanted to share. My friend that got me into digi just may have created a monster!! ;)


Anonymous said...

I love these designs!!! They each are just right for the topic you are focusing on!! I am glad you are enjoying your new venture!! Blessings and Hugs!!

Laura-Lee said...

Nice job! Your designs are beautiful....looks like a new door has opened for you! How exciting!

Connie Mercer said...

Steph-These are all so great. I think you have a knack for this. TFS!!!


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