Monday, May 13, 2013

Wedding Projects

I wanted to share a couple of the non-card projects I did for our daughter's wedding.  I have a few cards I'll share in future blog posts.


Several times during Kendra's college years, I made sour cream containers and filled them with candy as gifts for some of her friends (you can see some of my past ones here, here, and here.  When we were thinking of what to do for favors, she requested I make them again.  When our daughter flew out to meet the rest of Sam's family on Christmas break 2011, they toured the Jelly Belly factory.  Remembering the fun she had on that visit, we decided to fill the containers with Jelly Bellies.  She picked two sets of papers and two stamps so that we could have two versions.

Grandparents Memorial

As I mentioned in my post about the album I made for her, Kendra had a display in memory of the grandparents who have already passed away.  I made signs to go in front of the picture frames to let the guests know what Sam & Kendra called their grandparents and what their names were.

I used the technique I learned on the tent cards to make sure the signs wouldn't flop over.

Kendra wanted me to make her some simple thank you cards that they could use for send in appreciate for wedding gifts they received.  I still have quite a few to make but here is a sampling of what I have done so far.  Kendra found a 6 x 6 paper pad that she liked and I'm using it as my starting point.

As promised here are a couple wedding day pics:

Kendra had my husband face the back of the auditorium and walked up behind him.  She then said, "OK, Dad, you can turn around now."  This is his first look at her in her wedding finery.  Yes, he did cry.  :)

The weather was unseasonably cool so we got Kendra a wrap to wear at the reception. 

The new Mr. & Mrs.

On their one week anniversary, a second reception was held for them in CA at Sam's home church.  Here's a pic of the newlyweds.  By the smiles, I'd say marriage agrees with them.

Thanks for stopping by.  


Debbie said...

Thanks for sharing these wonderful pics! I love the one of your husband and daughter!!

Karen Letchworth said... wonder you needed to take a breather after the wedding. Just putting on a wedding is a lot of work, but making all those favors and doing all that extra work is a whole other story! She is so blessed to have had you use your God-given talents to make her day SO special. What a lovely thing for you to do. Wonderful memories to last for a lifetime! Your random acts of kindness will NOT be soon (if ever) forgotten. I've been praying for their journey together, and for God's hand of protection and blessing to be on them as they start on this wonderful new path together.

Love you my dear Sister in the Lord.


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