Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Couch Scholar

I wanted to introduce you to a new blog you may not have discovered yet. 

The Couch Scholar

According to the author bio, The Couch Scholar is a blog about, "Food, books, writing, and stories from her semi-adventurous life, this is life, how K. sees it."  The author, K. D. Winchester, is a self-proclaimed "book nerd" who reads 2-3 books weekly and is just a couple classes away from her M.A. degree in English Literature. She is already putting her training to good use as a writer and editor.

In K.'s most recent post, Read. Learn. Enrich Yourself: Audio Books, she shares ideas on how to read more while going about the everyday busy-ness of life.  Saturday she posted a French Toast recipe that I really want to try.   If you happen to have dietary restrictions, you will especially appreciate her recipes.  She has some autoimmune issues and food allergies that require her to be on a very restricted diet.  However, while her husband likes healthy food, he doesn't have the same restrictions and she enjoys cooking "regular" food for him too.

I realize this is off my usual topic and not a crafty post.  However, I know that quite a few of my blog followers are also readers and I don't know too many people that don't like to eat.  :)  If you are wondering, yes, the blog author is our daughter.  I've enjoyed reading her writing for years.  {She has a way of expressing herself that makes you feel like you are right there and part of the scene.}  However, since her "day job" is as a writer/editor, I don't think my enjoyment is all motherly bias.  :)  I'd like to encourage you to stop by her blog and see if you don't enjoy her writing too.   

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Danielle Vincent said...

Awesome Stephanie. Will definitely check it out.


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