Sunday, June 8, 2008

Kendra's Graduation Party

Kendra's graduation party went really well last Friday night. She really enjoyed the evening. Here are a few pics of the evening.

Decorations & Such

Sasha loves to perch on this set of drawers on my scrap desk. She was investigating Kendra's banner. She's fascinated by the letters & pics on it. Silly kitty.

We found this mini-cap from Ian's party & she said Sam was graduating from Kindergarten & Darius from pre-school. Obviously, they really enjoyed wearing the cap. NOT!!


The Food

My in-laws gave her a hand made hope chest made of walnut & cherry. She was thrilled. Later she showed them scrapbooks about her.

Family & Friends

This was taken after the party when realized we'd forgotten to have someone take a pic of the three of us. However, we were all exhausted and looking pretty blah! (It was 97 on Friday! Always a good thing for my hair - NOT!!)

This was Kendra's mentor when she was in Grades 4-8. Kendra used to work with horses & show them with this lady & her husband.

All three of these girls are Class of 2008. Kendra and the girl on the left were both homeschooled; the girl on the right is from a local public high school. Both girls are friends from church.

Our Asst. Pastor & his family

Opening Ian's card. The front has a cat and says, "Ack! Ack! Ack!" The inside says, "Just a little something I coughed up for you."

This last one is just 'cause I like it.


Ashley said...

The party looks like it was a lot of fun. Congratulations Kendra!!

Georgina said...

wow! looks like a busy and fun day. congratulations to her and I love how the even the cats were involved!

netterscraps said...

Steph, love this site! It's so clean and easy to find things. I'm getting ideas for my blog, and love this one! And it's good to see that Kendra had a good graduation party! She's got a terrific future waiting for her!
-Netterscraps from SNS


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